The Month's Guano

Feb/Mar 2000
Kansas City Area Grotto
Volume 14, Issue 2

OHG Update


The Dig is ON?????
Subj: CCC 2/8/00 Update
Date: 2/8/00 8:28:34 PM Central Standard Time
From: Rick Hines
To: Carroll Cave Conservancy

2/8/00 Update
Rick Hines

No digging to report but there has been activity.

We are close to obtaining a tax-exempt status, 501 (c) (3), for the CCC. I have made Duane Pemberton an offer for the natural entrance. Ed Simmons is looking into the cost of drilling a 3-foot diameter back door.

Tax Exemption

On October 6, 1999 the CCC applied for IRS recognition under Section 501(c)(3). The CCC paid a $150 fee with the application. If the exemption is granted donations to the CCC would be tax deductible. On December 28 I provided additional information to the IRS to clarify the original application. On Jan 26, 2000 the IRS asked for one additional document by 2/9/00. I have requested and obtained a 90-day extension. The IRS needs to see a lease or other document that grants the CCC the right to access the private property before an exemption could be granted. Greg Fry and Chris Danuser have, in principle, agreed to grant the access. On 2/7/00 CCC attorney, Bill Hays, spoke to Greg to get his input on the form of the document. Bill is drafting documents for Greg Fry and Chris Danuser.

Greg called me today and we discussed the idea of drilling near the Old Sweatt schoolhouse over the Lower Thunder River. Greg suggested fencing off an acre for parking. We could even renovate the schoolhouse and convert it to a bunkhouse.

Natural Entrance

After the December dig I called Duane Pemberton, the owner of the natural entrance to Carroll. He stated that he was trying to sell the cave to the state and should know by mid January.

On January 24 I called Mr. Pemberton and was told a realtor had earnest money for the cave and Mr. Pemberton said he did not know who the potential buyer was. He said the price was $75,000 for forty acres and the entrance. I pointed out the land he owned on the cave side of the road was only 25 acres. He agreed. He also complained that the realtor would get 10%. He expected the deal to close by the next weekend.

On February 1, I called Mr. Pemberton. He has not sold the entrance yet. I offered him $67,500 (75,000-10%). He said he would think about the offer. We agreed that I should call him at 9:00 pm on Sunday 2/6/00. I called at 9:00pm and left a message. He has not returned my call. I called again tonight (2/8/00) - no answer. I assume he is not really interested in selling.

If I could purchase the entrance I would offer it to the CCC for the price I paid.

Let's Drill

Ed Simmons has been contacting drilling companies to determine the cost of drilling a 3-foot diameter shaft into Carroll.

The first estimates were for $35,000 to $45,000. Two possible drilling locations have been considered. The T-Junction and a location near the Old Sweatt schoolhouse over the Lower Thunder River.
Stream Elev.940895
Stream elev.800795
Ceiling height35 - 4025 -35
Drill depth needed100 to 10565 to 75
.25 miles from roadOn road

The Schoolhouse location should be less expensive to drill, has better access and would result in less disturbance to the land owner's cattle operation. The Schoolhouse is more centrally located in terms of the mapped cave.

Save your $$$ for your tax deductible donation to the CCC.

OHG Update

Subj: OHG Newsletter - Feb 2000
Date: 2/14/00 12:27:47 AM Central Standard Time
From: OHG Home

As more and more people gain advanced e-mail capabilities, so I am trying to spruce up the newsletter. The all-text version I've been sending out each month was getting a little dry. If the couple images included in this issue aren't included with this post, I'm also ATTACHING the (MS) Word file I made in composing it. ( - don't worry, I'm virus-free) If this doesn't work for any of you, please let me know.

Note that this is WAYNE PIERCE'S AOL account and I usually only use it to modify our web page. Write to ... if you expect any e-replies back from me within the next few decades. I DO NOT use this address for e-mail...err, usually.

The message I'm sending after this one is our newest member list.


P.S. Besides forwarding a copy of all OHG newsletters to KCAG, I'm also CC'ing to Jim Mason at Fantastic Caverns, if no one's opposed.

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