The Month's Guano

January 2000
Kansas City Area Grotto
Volume 14, Issue 1

December Minutes
Note From Ray Keeler
Wilderness Underground

December Minutes

December Minutes 12/11/99
We had a great time at the Christmas party in the home of Rick and Kay Hines.

Thanks again for the hospitality.

Best Wishes to all and may your cave trip be uneventful, at least the trips to and from the sites


Note From Ray Keeler

Bryon -- This is a short note from Ray Keeler to Jerry. If there's small opening in the Guano, you might add it for those of us who know Ray but haven't kept up with him. He lives in Arizona but spent about a year in KC, and he became a KCAG member then. He's on the NSS BOG.



Let's see ... I leave next week for Hawaii for 9 days of mapping lava tubes. In March there is a Mexico expedition I'm headed off to. In April we are doing some off trail cave inventory in the Grand Canyon and in May I am getting married (what a shock to the system). I'm doing well out here and have decided to take a six month sabatical to catch up on caving projects before returning to work. We'll see how it goes.

Say "Hi" to Richard, Tom, Randy and the rest of the gang.

Grins from sunny Arizona.


Wilderness Underground

Hi All,

While catching up on my e-mail I read the thread about the NSS Bookstore Catalog/Missouri Books and followed the link to the add for Wilderness Underground for $29.95. While there I looked around the Univ. of Mo. Press web site and found a special offer for Wilderness Underground for $9.95. This is a beautiful book at a GREAT price! This is an "Internet Special" so you must mention you saw the add at the following URL:

Joel Laws

Regan and Barry

January 1, 2000

May you always have each other


January 2000 Vol. 14 Issue 1
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